Born a Biker: New Section to the blog

It seems to me that some people are born a Biker. Some people have a bike, some have garage trophies that they’ve paid thousands of dollars for with 1200 miles in the garage they only bust out on Labor day. Some think they are cool and like it, but maybe not love it.

Then, there are some that love it. They just have to ride a motorcycle. I don’t know what that is, or how it happens but there are just some people who are born a biker. I swear, there is a riding gene.

I’ve always been friends with these people; some I like, some I love and some I really can’t stand, but I have respect for the biker gene; we have that in common.

I have had a number of people send me their stories over the years and I’ve enjoyed the hell out of them, and have been honored they related to what I’ve written that they sent them to me. When the Easy Rider book started late last year, I asked for your Easy Rider stories and I’ve loved reading them as well. Yesterday, an old biker friend of mine sent me his, out of the blue.

Anyway, I’m adding a new Section. The first story comes out tomorrow, and I’m going to compile them. I’d love to hear your biker story — what you’ve ridden, and why you do it and whatever else. Pictures too, if you have em. Email and lets show off your bike, some of your rides and tell your story.

Ride hard, ya biker pricks 🙂

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