Sometimes, You just forget

Rode down to Yuma today. Not a huge thing, there were some side roads I wanted to explore and got a room down here. I’ll head back home in the morning.

I love a good, 2 day ride. The ride itself is awesome, and staying in a different town and doing it again the next day is even better.

I swear I forget that. I shouldn’t, because its proven itself over and over. A good ride like this, drains out some bullshit and adds fuel to the fire. A little road inspiration. God help me, I love it so.

Anyway… a great day today.

1 thought on “Sometimes, You just forget”

  1. Hi mrzip66
    You make me dream when I read your post. Riding by oneself along beautiful roads like yours in Arizona is wonderful. I did several riding through the four corner states and I dream about that everyday. Unfortunately, cause of the covid, I can’t back again in your Paradise ! It is too bad.
    See you
    John from France

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