What is your go-to ride?

Everyone who rides, has a default ride. At least, I gotta think so.

It’s that It might just be around the block, down the street or around the county. It’s that ride you have to dry off the bike after washing it in the driveway, or its just that excuse to get out of the house and ride that bike of yours.

It’s the ride you do, when you don’t have to think about where to go. the road, where you dry your bike after washing it in the driveway;.

Mine? it’s changed over the years.

My first ride was down the street of Carterville road, in Orem Utah. It was the street I grew up on. I remember a lot of blind corners, and a couple of times running from the cops when they could see I was way under age to be on city road.

then, I moved to the southern part of the state. It was the Utah Hill; Old US Highway 91 which went from Alberta Canada to Long Beach California back in the day. It was a great, hardly travelled road with lots of bends, and some open stretches that were perfect for a Harley. The fastest I’ve ever ridden on a bike was on that road.

right now, my go-to winds through a mix of farms and subdivisions, toward old highway 80 and Florence Arizona. From there, its 150 miles of killer riding, and some surprises and history that I haven’t totally figured out

its a great loop of open road in my county. I do it at least twice a month.

Whats your go-to ride?

1 thought on “What is your go-to ride?”

  1. I had a few days to think about my “go to” ride and still have nothing I can say is the “one”. NY, PA, and WV has some great riding and where I ride depends on my time frame. If I have 2 weeks or more I head to the desert Southwest which is my favorite area to ride. There is something about the starkness of the desert that appeals to me. I suspect it is the mindset of “less is more”. The lack of visual overload in the desert makes me much more aware of my surroundings and the “little things” that are easily over looked when riding thru areas of dramatic views. Either way, moving on 2 wheels is the primary motivating factor in this lifelong pursuit!

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