New Vance & Hines Eliminator 400s.

I swore I’d keep it stock. Of the all the bikes I’ve had over the years, I swore I’d just ride this one and not fuck with it too much.

Then, at work some Millennial gave this online course I had to attend about “self care”. My generation generally doesn’t give a damn about that kind of stuff, so what I got out of the whole thing is this:

Go buy pipes for your bike.

So I did.

They sound a lot better:

I coulda got the 450’s, which are alot louder and more throaty. Its not the loudest bike I’ve owned, but at least it doesn’t sound like a blender now, and I like the look of em.

Do loud pipes save lives? They may, and they may not; but the joy of new pipes is real. Fuckin’ A real 🙂

Gonna point the bike somewhere tomorrow — I wanna go back and re-explore some spots —- Ajo AZ, and A couple other spots I hit a couple of months ago. It’s warming up now, and is in the 90s. Soon, it will be time to ride north, or east to Texas.

I’ll report from the road.

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