A damn fine friday

Sitting here in my office garage and reflecting on the day. Its a great Arizona evening — not too hot, and my Air conditioner is making the temp just perfect.

Listening to Alice Coopers Radio show, he does here every Friday. I kind of enjoy listening to the Coop — he’s a local, and he’s just got a good way about him.

My day? Well, let me tell you.

I woke up early, and took my daughter to school. She’s a senior, and she’ll be out of school here in about a month, and out in the real world. She’s a good kid, but the real part of life is just about coming up for her. I think she’ll do fine: She has her head on straight.

My plan, was to be balls deep in a woodworking project all day: A 16 drawer cabinet for the missus, she has some plans for it. I went down to home depot, and The price of the wood was cost prohibitive ($300 bucks in wood), and the wife didn’t want to go for that. I was kind of excited to make drawers: I’m damn good at them, and was looking forward to a new method today. Oh well, I have a workbench full of projects I can do.

Went over and saw the grandkids. I’m enjoying having them close by. It’s extremely satisfying to see your daughter and how she’s a good mother, and although she has a different perspective, the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree. She’s a good mom, and she’s an honest and good person with solid values. Man, I can’t ask for more than that.

Then I came home, and have been fucking around trying to make dovetail joints with a new Jig I got recently. I’m too impatient to read the instructions, and I learn more just diving in and figgering it out on my own. I made some progress, but they don’t look near as good as I want them. I’ll keep messing it it, and eventually I’ll get it.

Then, to be honest, I took a helluva long nap. It was awesome.

Queen Creek has a local food truck round up they do every Friday. I hit up the BBQ truck, and sat down and watched a local band of old guys, playing 60s, 70’s and 80’s hits and enjoyed the hell out of it. Everything from Hang On Sloopy, to the Cars, to Mariachi music I didn’t know. They were pretty rough, but you couldn’t wipe the smile off their face, or mine. I’m a sucker for a local band.

Yah, an Damn fine day.

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