What is turning out to be my favorite holiday.

You seem to appreciate, what you sense losing. That may happen, and that may not. Who knows.

Either way I had a killer 4th. I spent the day with family; which is the most important thing to me.

Missus Zip made her potato salad and I made a killer little recipe I’ve had for a while for baked beans. Some sautéed bacon, onions and a little bell pepper. I diced up a little pineapple to sweeten it up some, and added ground mustard and a diced Jalapeno (or two) to make it hot enough that I knew I’d end up with some leftovers for breakfast.

They turned out epic. We forked out a little for some expensive burger patties. Grilled em slow till medium rare, and I opped them with some aged, and home-made smoked Gouda that I’d made in November.

We ate our fill, talked, laughed and enjoyed the afternoon. Man, a killer day.

Then we went to go watch some fireworks; mostly for the grandkids we told ourselves.

We live in the small town of Queen Creek Arizona; It’s not very big. One of the local farms have been doing fireworks here since 1960, and this is where we go.

In Pinal county… They’re fairly patriotic here.

I take back what I alluded to earlier on:

I don’t think we’ll lose America.

There are too many good people who love it.

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