Thunder in the Tunnel 07

Every year, Zion Harley Davidson sponsors thunder in the tunnel.   This was the first year I’ve made the run from the dealership, up through Springdale, through Zion National Park through the tunnel, out to kanab and back through colorado City and then home.  Its a fun little poker run.

This year, Wendy, my 10 year old Daughter went with me.   She’s a fun kid.  Lots of energy, and I like how she looks at life.  She’s just got style.  She also refuses to smile for pictures, and I told her on this run, she didnt have to.  We’re harley davidson owners right?  Isnt there something in the manual about scowling and hiding how much fun you’re having in the name of looking bad and being cool?   I don’t quite pull it off, but maybe Wendy can.

We had a blast.

Theres nothing like the sound of 500 harley Davidsons booming through a 2 mile tunnel.  Wow.  It was awesome.  We left in the morning, and got back around 3 PM, had a nice lunch, and rode around with some friends.

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