Mountain Meadow, Modena and Caliente

My week started with my street glide making noises that I couldnt tell were in my head, or not.  Turns out, a cam chain guide fell off and rested in the bottom of my engine, so I took it in to get it fixed.    That left me with a weekend to ride, and the untested fat boy in garage.    It was time to see what this softail was made of.  if it was destined to be an around the town bike that I end up bobbing and make into something worth looking at, or if I would bag it up a bit and make it into something that makes some miles.

So saturday morning I headed out around gunlock, and up towards rachel nevada.  That was my goal anyway, to head out, have a couple of beers and lunch in rachel, and mabye see some terrain I hadnt ever seen in nevada.

My first stop was mountain meadow.   I hadnt been here for a few years, and figured that it would be a good place to rest my ass and see what new things have been there in the way of monuments.   Mountain meadow still holds controversy, as mormon settlers and indians seiged and massacred 120 men, women and children.    Its a complex story as to why, and Ive studied it and read about it several times since college.   I stopped, snapped some pictures and headed north.

Somewhere up toward Enterprise, erik’s cousin wrecked on erik’s ultra glide the night before.  I couldnt find any evidence or wreckage, and bombed to the nevada border.

Just on the nevada utah border, I explored modena a little bit…. another cool little old (almost) ghost town in nevada that vandals havent done anything to.

after modena, another hour and I found myself in Caliente, drinking a beer and hearing my brothers plans had fallen through, so I headed back to st george to meet him, drink a bottle of Glen Livet and prep for another ride tomorrow.

Gotta go back to caliente, theres more to see there.

231 Miles


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