Day three: Pocatello to home

It was nice to sleep in a real bed.    Granted, it was a motel 6 bed, but having sheets and waking up with a coffee maker and a non-public shower was a bonus on our little trip.   I let Bri sleep in.   I checked the bike, took in the morning and got ready for the ride home.    Most of it was going to be 1-15 freeway home, and I checked out the maps to see if we could see anything new before we were forced down by mountains and the great salt lake into the 1-15 corridor  home.   Back roads are always the best — You maybe get to see how real people live, and they’re more interesting than the sterile and un-interesting freeway.

My heel shifter broke.   One thing about riding a Harley-Davidson, is you always keep zip ties and wire in your tool kit.    No big deal.

shift lever Harley Davidson

We loaded up, and headed south, going through downtown Pocatello Idaho.    The weather was perfect, and a killer day to ride.

I found a new side to Pocatello.    I’d always traveled up 1-15 to get through this place. The freeways always take the fastest route and you miss shit up here.   Old Highway 91 was a really enjoyable ride.   Its a 2 lane road, that carves through some lava canyons, farm fields the local stuff that makes you appreciate Idaho.    I wished now that I’d taken some more pictures.    It sort of reminded me of the interesting spots you find between kingman and Seligman on Route 66.

We ate breakfast at a local Cafe I found on Yelp.     A local spot, with a friendly waitress and home made bread with breakfast.   She was interested in the bike, our ride and where we were from.   We ate it up, paid our check and headed down the road.

Old Highway 91 has the same story as route 66.    It was the main road through Utah and Idaho before the freeway came in.    Businesses got bypassed and slowly closed as their main source of income got changed by a freeway system.    I’m always interested in the ghosts of these old places, so we took a few pictures.


2016-06-26 11.23.55

2016-06-26 11.36.01
Rands – Chicken Delicious.
2016-06-26 13.37.00
Last Gas Stop. Get on the freeway to Blitz Home.


We got home around 3.   I think Bri had a good time, and it was nice to spend some time with her.   She’s a great kid —  for doing a thousand miles in 3 days with no complaints I’d ride with her anytime.     We need to plan another one!







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