Day one: Route 66 Road Trip to Texas

I had an opportunity last weekend to run the route I moved down here for:  Route 66.   I took it, and made some miles and headed toward Oklahoma.

I headed up out of phoenix, toward the Northeast side of Arizona.

Witch Well Arizona
Witch Well Arizona, on the east side of the state. I’m pretty sure this is the whole town.  It looks like its still open.   I bet there’s been some stories that have came out of this place on a Saturday night.

I Hit the state line, and into Gallup New Mexico on the mother road, hitting every side road and original piece of the old road I could.

The Rio Puerco Bridge. Built in 1933, 7 years after route 66 became an official road, this beauty lasted till 1999. It’s now being preserved by the New Mexico dept of Transportation…


Glenrio Route 66 Sunset on Route 66
Exit 0: Glenrio Texas is a perfect example of what happened when 1-40 bypassed Route 66. Right on the Texas/New Mexico Border, it had a gas station, garage and cafe and several residences there to support the town. Now, just 200 yards off the interstate, its a ghost town. I hit the border by dusk and managed to get a Texas Sunset shot. To me, this place is still pretty damn cool.


I made my way though the Texas Panhandle at night.   It was awesome.   Alice Cooper had a radio show where he played some of his own hits, gave some of his listeners shit and I had me a bit of a moment.    The moon seemed full and the the road was straight and welcoming.    I was getting tired.    I had meant to hit Oklahoma, but I decided to stay in Shamrock Texas instead and decide what to do in the morning.

The famous U-Drop Inn in Shamrock Texas
The famous U-Drop Inn in Shamrock Texas. Built in 1936. Was glad to hit it at night and see the neon. It used to be a Conoco Station and a cafe. She’s a beauty, methinks.

I’d meant to bust the drone out and get some cool night shots, but it was windy and I didn’t want to pick a thousand dollar drone off a historic Texas Route 66 building in the middle of the night.  My better sense prevailed (I don’t have much), and I headed to the Motel about a half mile down the road and hit the sack.   I figured I’d double back tomorrow, see the things I’d missed in the dark and enjoy the next 2 days home.

1 day, 3 states 800 miles.

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  1. We sure rolled wheels over the same ground through the years! October 17 we rode NM Rte 9 to Fabens, TX Check out Cattlemans Steakhouse there. Research the 3 twisted sisters of TX. West TX hill country around Luckenbach is some great riding. Follow that front wheel, man!

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