Route 66 overnighter

It’s warming up here, and the weather is fairly killer for riding.    I had a chance to get the hell out of dodge last weekend for a couple of days and I took it.    I had a killer month at work, and it just seemed right to make some miles somewhere.   I was figuring north, back to my favorite road — Route 66.   I haven’t ridden the southern part of the Colorado River in Arizona, so I wanted to see that too.

Interstate 17 is ass on any sort of holiday weekend.    Arbor day, ground hog day, let alone Easter weekend.   It was slow going, but I finally made it off the interstate and west toward the good stuff.

Historic 89 A
A good sign. I’m a sucker for a good historic road
Jerome Arizona. This is the good stuff, a killer little historic Arizona mining town on the side of a hill. If you haven’t been here, it’s well worth checking out.
Partridge Creek Bridge
The Partridge Creek Bridge was officially route 66 from the 20s to 1965. It’s a unique bridge that has a fully mature tree growing out of it. I first saw it in a biker mag in 1988, and shortly thereafter set out to see if we could figure out where it was. My wife and I would take weekend road trips to try and find it every weekend we could, and fell in love with route 66 along the way. This was before the internet and being able to look things up online. After 3 years we finally found it. It’s still one of my favorite spots on the mother road.


Partridge Creek Bridge Arizona
Partridge creek — Heading West.

I stayed the night in the Seligman KOA, roamed around and took some pictures of the local neon signs.

The Suapai Motel in Seligman AZ


Woke up in the morning and headed to downtown seligman.   I got molested by a bus full of Chinese Tourists where I had to educate them on the do’s and don’ts of touching an American mans bike, and headed down route 66 toward Kingman   It was a pretty beautiful day to ride, and the weather was effing perfect.

Oatman Road
The East side of Oatman road. this was route 66 up until 1953.
Oatman Arizona Selfies
Taking selfies like all the other Jackasses in Oatman.

Had me a tense moment eating lunch outside of Oatman and almost got into a fight with some prick.   He backed out and walked away.    It took me about 2 hours to calm down as I headed down the Colorado river and home.

A great weekend methinks!





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