Happy Friday!

Happy End of the Month Friday. Tomorrow, is August. We’re plowing through this year it seems to me, amid all the bullshit that surrounds us.

I gotta say, my desire to ride has waned a bit in all this shit. Plus its hotter than hell in the valley of the sun. I look up places I want to go, and they’re closed due to covid-19. Or Technically I’m supposed to quarantine for 14 days if I enter the state. It’s blown all my plans to hell, so maybe its time to change it up. I dunno yet.

I do know, that if I don’t feel like riding, that means I need to go riding.

Lately, I’ve been getting into this woodworking thing. I’m slowly amassing a good set of basic tools, and most of my spare time I’ve been reading up on types of wood, eating up what I can on YouTube, and figuring out what kinds of tools I need to try and tackle the types of projects I see in my bald little head:

Crown molding in the bedroom. A cheap way to improve the value of the house. if it works, then the whole house, and some baseboards we like.

Some shelves in the living room, with some bitchen shiplap behind it. I’ll get major points for this from the wife. That means, when it cools down at least 10 degrees, and the governor of new mexico decides she’s going to open up the state for commerce, I can go spend a dollar there.

A nightstand. I just need a good nightstand, and it’s a good chance to practice making drawers.

Then, a new kitchen Table. That one is going to be tricky; I’m shooting to be proud of it.

I’ll figure it out. I’m really close to having the right tools.

I Hope you all have a good weekend.

1 thought on “Happy Friday!”

  1. Peter Burascano

    I share your home remodel woodworking angst… I’m just finishing up mine.. Similar to yours.. new kitchen, baths, replaced paneling with drywall & a shiplap accent wall, new fireplace, new baseboards & crown. I have vaulted ceilings, and found a great youtube video series by Ron Paulk on crown for vaults if that applies to you.. I’m including the link to #4 0f 4.. you can find the rest easy, if needed. Good luck and keep riding! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yOlu3PGhX_U&pbjreload=101

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