Meeker Massacre, June 2007

Great ride. about 1250 miles.

Funny thing, and its indicative of my family– We rode out in formation, and on the way home it was every man for himself. They say eagles don’t flock. We’re good for about a day, then we all like to steer our own ships. I’m fine with that. I actually prefer it that way, its the only way I know.

I headed out wednesday night and made Delta. Thats a great ride, and a good road.

Friday Pat and I hooked up with Skip and his sons, and headed out toward Heber to meet up with Mike. Then we hit the road, for the sleepy cat guest ranch.

The weather was near perfect, and its always fun to ride roads that I havent been on much.

I dont remember my Grandpas Ranch, and I havent been to Meeker Since I was a kid. It was great to see my brothers talk about their memories of the place, how they remembered my grandparents, and how they lived. My Grandfather was a good man. Honest and determined. He set the standard and a creedo that I think we all aspire to still. He was a mans man, and worked hard.

We rode out to their grave, and then headed into the sleepy cat for the night, the timing was good, we pulled in just while there was still light in the sky. We ate dinner, shot the shit, had a few beers.

The next morning you could tell it was over. We all had our own schedule at that point, and we rallied just enough to get on the bikes and point em home.

Trip is over, saying goodbye to my family in DuchesneIt rained a little, but nothing too bad. At duchesne I said goodbye to everyone and headed south. Just about 5 minutes later it started coming down. I coulda kept going, it wasnt anything but a bit of a pain in the ass, but I mostly just wanted to have a little time to digest the trip with my brothers and string the trip out for another day. Plus, i figured I knew the storm would break and tomorrow would be good riding. I wasnt going to make it all the way home anyway. So I crashed in Castle Dell.

The next day I rode through some pretty cool roads, up around 9500 elevation, and down through Loa, boulder, and Escalante. highway 12 is the best road in utah I think, at least that ive been on. I hit that, and enjoyed the ride home.

I don’t know how many more times a ride like this will happen. Quite honestly, the best thing about it wasGrand staircase, hwy 12, calf Creek it started off Pat and I riding alot more, and Im pretty sure Ill fill this blog with a bunch of our rides. We’ve already had a few more since then. He’s got the bug as bad as I do.

Ride Totals: 2 states, 1244 Miles


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