Funerals, Ebay and Tour Pak's

Kevins funeral was yesterday.    It started around 10 and the funeral and eulogies were great.  Erik Officiated, and I gotta say did a great job from start to finish.   Lots of funny stories and it made me and Robyn realize how short life is.   Kevin had a lot of friends.

Anyway, took a few pictures and robyn made a movie on the back of my bike.   Im not sure she even realized she made the movie, even so its on the back of a bike so its kinda rough:


The after funeral party was good, shot some pool, drank some beer.   met a few people.   Good evening.

This week i sold around 1500 bucks worth of stuff on ebay, so I ordered my tour pak.  SHould be here in a month.   I also got 2 saddlebag bars and bar bags.

Erik and I are going riding again sunday.   Cedar mountainish stuff.   should be good.

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