Welcome to the family, FatBoy

In 1990 when Harley was struggling to bring their company name back and sell motorcycles again, they introduced the fatboy.   They wont publicly admit this, but the japanese we’re kicking their ass and rumor has it they named the fatboy after the 2 atomic bombs that were dropped on japan:  Fat Man, and Little Boy.

Ive got a new member of the family.

2006 Fatboy.   In the garage.  Has a windshield, but this bike isnt for touring, its for bombing (hah, get it?) around town.   Its not mine officially untill monday, and a few things have to happen but if they do (and they look like they will, the fatboy is gonna have a home in the garage and on the road.

Its a nice driving bike.  Low to the ground, and the straightbars are comfortable.   Im a bagger at heart, but you can never have too many bikes, and hopefully this will help keep the ol’ road rage from getting too many miles on it.

Im pretty pumped.

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