You tube Videos with my kids

My daughter Megan and her best friend Carla are just cool.   They get it.   They also make youtube videos every weekend and the last couple weekends they gave me the chance to get in on them.   It’s all their idea, and I’m impressed with their editing skills with the material they make.   Pretty cool.    I guess my stage jame is “Jud”, and I gotta admit I love that they ask me to contribute a little.


My  job was to give a shout out to their friends Mitch and Cameron.   If they ever show up to the house to pick up my daughter someday, I want them to know the man they’ll be dealing with :).     Thats right Mitch and Cameron, I AM crazy, and I LOVE my daughter.    I’ll be waiting in the garage, cleaning my guns if you ever drop em off late 🙂

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