Iron Butt Certificate

This morning first thing, our B.A.C.A. chapter went and made a presentation at the Local Chapter of the Exchange Club. Shots, our president did a great job of telling them about who we are and what we do. I’ll be honest, most people in my club don’t know that I have a lot of experience public speaking and I’m chomping at the bit to speak publicly about B.A.C.A. I’ve spoke in front of hundreds if not close to thousands of people before, and I love it. Someday, hopefully, Ill get my chance.

Anyway, my president did a great job and we found a great ally against child abuse in the Exchange club. Their platform is against child abuse as well, and they were very gracious. I’m really looking foward to working with them in the future.

The posted in on their blog:

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Mrs Zip sent me a text when the mail came, and apparantly I got a package from the Iron Butt Association:

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I also got a pin which I have already put on my vest.  I’m a bit proud to be part of the Iron Butt Association.   I’ll be more proud when I’m patched into B.A.C.A.     Maybe the proudest I’ve ever been.   I’ve never felt more aligned with an organization than Bikers against Child Abuse.    It fills my thoughts more often than not.   I really want to make a difference there.

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