Easy Rider Cafe – Melanchon’s Cafe in Morganza Louisiana

Thanks to the readers of my blog, I’ve got some cool pictures of route 66 and easy Rider. Spent a fair amount of time researching the route of the movie Easy Rider, and after several attempts to find the cafe from the movie, Jeff Pounds finally solved the mystery. It was torn down, but in october 2010 they put up a plaque at the site commemorating where the famous cafe stood.

Thank you Jeff Pounds for the pictures of the Easy Rider Cafe today.

Easy Rider Cafe - Melanchon's - in 1986 before it was torn down

Thanks Jeff for the picture of the site from the movie

The Plaque where the Easy Rider Cafe once Stood

9 thoughts on “Easy Rider Cafe – Melanchon’s Cafe in Morganza Louisiana”

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  2. Hi There from Morganza,La.. Just want to say if you need anymore info on the Easy Rider Movie Stop by The Bear's Den in Morganza and check out the pictures from Behind the sceens. You don't want to Miss them.If you come through contact BEAR at 225-718-5206

    1. I've called u a couple of times and i am just looking for some info on the cafe. I'm working on a fictional piece and my lead originates in Morganza. I spent some time there back in the 70s. appreciate any help…….thanks.

      my number should b on your phone

  3. Hey It's Jeff Pounds, I just went to the death site and took a few pictures. Email me at jeffpounds@hotmail.com and I will send you them. It is supposedly about three miles north of a small pumping station on Highway 105 about three miles North of 190, in a town called Krotz Springs. I drove around it for a while before I met a man and his family repairing fences and he told me the above. He seemed the right age to have been there for it. Will definitley check out The Bear's Den, next time I hit that area.

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  5. I went to Morganza back in 1973 w/ a friend of mine who's family was originally from there. Kathy Sutherland. Her father and uncle were crop dusters there until her uncle went down on a wire. Anyway….we went to that cafe practically on a daily basis. They displayed pictures of film shots on the walls. At the time I was 14 years old and totally blown away by this. I could swear that the locals called this cafe Davids….pronounced Daveeeds. And the mayonnaise was pronounced myonaisa….kinda flipped me out cuz I was from Memphis. Can I get some feed back on what this cafe was called???? What happened to it? What a travesty.

  6. I I live In Morganza and i could walk to the Melancons Cafe site.I live right there. It is amazing how many bikers go and take pictures at the spot it was located.

  7. Hi from south Louisiana. Yes, it would make sense that "David's" was pronounced "DAH-VEEDZ" in the French manner, since David is a common French surname in this area and is still pronounced in the French manner.

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