its not what you think.

Child abuse.   It’s nowhere near what you think.

I’m throwing my taw back into the frey.     With the good guys.

When I first got involved in B.A.C.A.  I thought it would be so clear;    a monster, vs an innocent kid, no matter what.

But it sure as  hell wasn’t what I thought.   Sometimes its a mom, or a family member… drunk and abandoning her kids so she can have a good time.    Sometimes its an  uncle, and we can’t keep him away and get them some therapy to know the uncle can’t do whatever he wants. Sometimes its a grandparent with custody, and doesn’t to help a child.    Sometimes it’s a custody case; where every clue is hidden because the mother has an agenda and is living with abuse herself.   .  Sometimes Its every mixture in between.   If you’re paying attention, a frightened kid and bruises don’t lie.

But to to the kid, its all Hell.    Kids are just trying to be kids.     We gotta find a way to help kids.    BACA finds a way to help, wherever they can.     Ever talked to kid who slept with their back against the door so they knew when the abuse was coming?     That they knew it was their life, and it was their survival?    I have.  It breaks your heart.

Most of it, is really up to you.   Call in when you see something bad happening.    Man, help us out.    I’m not going to tell you what is wrong or what is right, but don’t be apathetic.     We’re talking about a kid.

I spent a few years in, and found out what it was.    Then my life crashed, and at that point I couldn’t even support.     I had to take care of my family.   I had to save myself.   More shit happened that I’ll ever explain.   It doesn’t matter.

Yeah, well I did all that.   Now maybe, its back to supporting the innocent.    The only thing that’s truly innocent in the world.   It ain’t your romneys, or your obamas.    Its your…. it’s all kids.

I support Bikers Against Child Abuse.   I got no patch now, but even so…   Just gimme the chance to be that shield.    It’s all worth it for some abused, scared kid who’s one fifth my age.   My shit is together.   If you abuse a kid, your shit is not.   Chances are, you crave something that is so dirty and low that you deserve whatever happens.

To the perp:   Like I said, it doesn’t matter.

To the kid:   You’re what’s right with the world.    You don’t even know it, and that’s whats so beautiful about being a kid.   Man, go play.   Go play, knowing that That we’ve got the perimeter.     Our goal, is that the perimeter becomes your house.   Then the block, the city, then the world.      Kiddo, its all yours.    Just like everyone else.   If anyone restricts that, we’ll be there.     Go play.  Be a kid.      We’ll ride to another house, but noones going to stop protecting  yours.    Hopefully, when the ride is over you’ll know that for the rest of your life.   That’s when we’ve done our job.



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  1. Right on brother, working on getting my patch finally. Prints and background check came back clear, glad to hear you are coming back. I love reading your posts, wish I had the talent to put my thoughts into words the way you do. I will make the trip up north to see you this summer, I love riding my new Electra Glide. Plus I have 5 days off Friday to Tuesday every other weekend, so I have no excuse. Hope to hear from you soon. Hope all is well

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