Echo Utah, the Kozy Cafe and Missus Zips Family Reunion.

Been riding the bike daily since I got home.    Doing some customer service calls on it, and finding it to be a nice ice breaker.   If you ride…. no matter what you ride…. People  like to talk about it.   It solves some problems.    I think I’m onto something.

2013-06-06 10.26.46
The Road King, down by Utah Lake in Vineyard Utah.

Last Friday, It was my wifes family annual reunion.    I’ve been doing it for almost 23 or 24 years.   I’ve lost count.       She headed up that night, and my plan was to head up the next day on the bike.     I needed a night off, and my wife has always been cool enough to not give me any crap about that sorta stuff.      I’m fairly positive I’m pretty lucky that way.

I woke up the next morning and read my emails.     Someone had hit me up from this here blog and told me that the Kozy Cafe Was Open over in Echo.     I’d said something about this place before.        The thought of breakfast there got me fairly inspired, so I got my act together and pointed the bike that way.     It’s not that far away, and that place is old and has character.      Nice bonus to the day.

Headed through Heber City northbound.    Up through Parleys Summit.

Heber is a funny place.    I’m originally from Orem, which is probably considered Northern Utah.    When I was 16, I wasn’t so good a kid  (I thought I was).    A lot of factors (including that one) combined to me being moved by my parents, 6 months before I got my drivers License to southern Utah, 5 hours south.

I chose to live in Wasatch County.    Maybe thats why I like it.    I moved here as an adult, and to me there’s just a good feeling here. Anyway, whatever.

2013-06-15 09.51.26
Apparently I take a lot of pictures of my bike. There will be more. I’m not sure what else to take a picture of.   This is at the Top of Parley’s Summit, trying to find an old road that I couldn’t get to.

Headed up through Parleys Canyon, and then through East Canyon, toward Henifer and Echo.      I was getting hungry, and it was getting late.    I can’t keep this up on beef Jerky.      Up through East Canyon.


2013-06-15 10.20.04
Up in the Quaking Aspens of Easy Canyon.

Utah is killer.   At least, I think so.   A week or so ago I’d ridden half way across America, and not on a road like this.

2013-06-15 10.33.27
Hrm, the donner Party came this way. I’m hungry, but not that hungry. Ten more miles and I can eat at that reopened cafe in Echo

The best thing about a road king is you can take the windshield off if you want to.   I pulled into Echo.

Kozy Cafe Echo Utah
Reminds me of Roys, in Amboy
Worlds Fastest Indian
From the 2005 Movie World’s Fastest Indian.   Hollywood does a little photoshoppin, it seems.     

Echo is really small.    Like, really small.  It had an important part in the history of this area — an old railroad town at the junction of a few canyons that joined evanston Wyoming to Salt Lake City back in the day.   It’s  had a long history, but I didn’t know any of it.    When the interstate came in, the town dried up.    It reminds me of route 66.   There’s not many places up here like that.    They’re just all gone.

2013-06-15 11.00.46
Kozy Cafe. It’s like stepping back into time. Its clean, not updated since the 70s, and is pretty cool.

The waitress was young and  had a natural smile on her face.   She had that look about her that this was either her first job, or she was in the family.   It was noon by now, so I had me a Jalapeno Burger and the food was quite good for a joint that you can’t see from the freeway.   In fact, it was really good.   Signs of a place that’s trying to build or keep your business.    I hope they make it.   Either way, I ate here and gave em a buck, and I hope to be back.    Had a beer, gave her a good tip and went out and explored a bit of Echo.

2013-06-15 11.19.30
Love that old neon sign. They don’t make em like this anymore.
The Kozy Cafe and Motel in Echo Utah
Back in the day they advertised air conditioned rooms. Not much movement around the old Motel Now.
2013-06-15 11.21.37
Can’t get gas here now, Frank I bet, was in a good spot when he opened this place.   I bet cars were piling up.   Radiator belts  and gas at 36 cents a gallon.   Money in your pocket.
The Echo Cafe Echo Utah
The Echo Cafe in Echo Utah. A stones throw from the Kozy.
Main Street in Echo Utah.
Main Street in Echo Utah.

Not many places have this much 1950’s style.    I wanted to know more, and drink in a little local history.   People had lived here, worked here and got paychecks from here for generations.   It was a big part of somebody’s life, and I felt the need to find out more.

My inlaws say they used to come here back in the 60’s.   The lake was nearby, and they ate, drank and danced in their younger years.

2013-06-15 11.29.12
Turns out, Echo had a lot to do with settling this region.
Main Street in Echo Utah.
There’s quite a few plaques in Echo. If you stop, you could learn a thing

I headed east down the Echo Main Drag, looking for clues.   The family Reunion I felt was fine, I was 30 minutes away.    Curiosity got this cat, and by this point I had to know.

2013-06-15 11.42.33
Transcontinental Railroad. Boom Town. I found an old church.

They had an an old museum downstairs.    The lights didn’t work, and I had to squint for most of it.   Signs of a place that is struggling to pay for itself.     This is a great old town so far, and needs to be preserved. There is some history here.      Some old man with an old dog was guardian of this place, and he sat below the pulpit.     I nodded, and headed into the museum part, downstairs.

Lots of homer stuff:, just like you’d expect.   Perfect:  When Echo took 2nd place in the state championship in basketball in 1942,   People who died in WWII that lived in Echo, and History of the transcontinental railroad that brought life to this area.       This one stuck out to me:

2013-06-15 11.49.33
This was my favorite. Click on this to enlarge. An advertisement, for another day. I might have applied.  Click to Enlarge.

I hung out a little more, put 20 dollars in the kitty and headed out of town.    Echo, you told me who you are.   Please, keep it up.    I will for sure be back.

Headed towards Morgan Utah, and into the family Reunion.    At the Lions Lodge, where Mrs Zips Grandpa was a member for a lot of years.    We had fun for the next 2 days.

If you lived in Echo, I’d love to hear your stories, whatever they are.   Post em if you got em.

2 days, 151 Miles.

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  1. I found your blog searching for info on echo. Great post and brought back memories I lived in echo as a child for a few years. My dad was a railroad man and still is. Our family photo is in the church as my dad helped restore it. Any news on Frank? He was a near and dear family friend while we lived there and for years past but time separated us. Looks like his amazing cafe closed 🙁 I had some priceless memories there.

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