My oldest daughter is just a good kid.   She’s working her way though college, and she called us when her car wouldn’t start at the car wash.     Somebody helped her bump start it, and she got it back to her college dorm.

I called a B.A.C.A. brother down there Just to ask him if he’d take a look.  He did.   I don’t think the guy took a half an hour, and he called me and told me it was her starter.   Bad Bendix.

Then another B.A.C.A. brother jumped in, and offered to change it for her.    I ordered the part, he picked it up and put it in for her.


I’m a pretty prideful person.   Asking for help is not my M.O.  .     I want to thank you 2 guys for being there for my family.   You know who you are…

I’m proud to be a member of B.A.C.A.    For what we do for kids, but also what we do for each other.   Yeah man…  Brotherhood.   I owe ya.  I’ll pay ya back.

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