Tune up trip

Did a tune up trip this weekend, to see how Bri would do on the bike.   I’ve always called em a tune up trip; a practice run.   Where you see what gear you need, and how everything goes.  We did 120 miles and she seemed to love it.     This weekend we’ll do a thousand.    She’s a good travel buddy.    Utah it seems, has some great roads.

Thinking about going up through the Sawtooth mountains up in Idaho.   Hit up Golden spike National monument along the way, take some back roads and do some tent camping.   See where Evel Knevel jumped the snake river.    Find a hotel with a pool and just kick back and enjoy the day.   Find some new roads we’ve never seen.    Maybe make a moment she’ll remember, if the conditions permit.

I’m fucking geeked.   It’s time to ride.

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