Concerts, early summers and the ride ahead.

Life in Arizona is pretty good.   I get to wake up each morning and take the 30 mile drive to work and enjoy the hell out of it.   There’s something about this place, and I haven’t quite put my finger on it.   Its the people, the warmth, the terrain.   It all adds up to something methinks.

A nice bonus is the concerts;   In a city of 6 million people, the music is pretty outstanding, and its everywhere.    This weekend I get to go see a couple favorites I’ve seen before:   Offspring and Pennywise.

It’s also Easter weekend.   I’m going to try to work in a ride this weekend before dinner with the Family.    Time to bust out the smoker maybe, and smoke a thing.   Ribs or pork butts or such.     That’s always a good thing.

I took a couple days off next month to ride up through route 66 and into my old stomping grounds in Utah to take care of a few things, and I’m really looking forward to that.    It’s a great ride, especially this time of year.   A little wind therapy never hurt a guy.     It’s time to ride, and go re-see a thing.   I wonder how much it’s changed.    Route 66 and some Easy rider spots are always good.

Happy Easter weekend!


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