The Top 10 Motorcycle Roads in Utah

Top 10 Motorcycle Roads in Utah:

#10:  Old Highway 91 from St George to Mesquite Nevada:

This was just outside my back door for 25 years, and I rode it a lot.   I’m not sure I ever got sick of it.    Before they put in the virgin River gorge and completed 1-15 at a million dollars a mile back in 1972, this was how you got to Vegas.   Be sure to ride under the freeway at Littlefield to get the full effect.

Highway 91 — The Freeway, before Interstates were cool.

#9: Highway 191 from Duchesne to Moab:

Leaving Duchesne you’ll ride up to 9,000 feet and down into some pretty historic parts of the Mining towns of Utah.   Some great bars, history and open roads.    Keep going and you’ll end up in Moab and probably find something fun to do.   Everybody loves Moab.

Top 10 Motorcycle Roads in Utah - Highway 191 Duchesne to Moab
Duchesne to Moab: Mountain roads, History and the red rocks of Moab. 


#8:  Highway 18 from St George to Caliente Nevada

Another road I’ve ridden a lot, but it never got old.   Hay fields and hills that end up in the Canyon Town of Caliente Nevada.   Remember to ride through Modena.   There’s a few cool old surprises there…

Top 10 Motorcycle Roads in Utah - Highway 18
Highway 18 – Bluff Street in St George to Caliente Nevada


#7:   Utah Highway 89

I rode highway 89 mostly because I hated riding the Interstate.   Its a great road that’ll take a few hours longer than 1-15, but much more interesting.    You’ll ride through national forests, High mountains and High Desert.    The home of Butch Cassidy, The big Rock Candy mountain and a lot of other cool places.

Top 10 Motorcycle Roads in Utah - Highway 89
Get off the interstate.

#6: Highway 189 through Provo Canyon:

I remember getting back from one the Easy Rider tours that went half way across the country and coming home from the Airport.   After all those states and terrain, I still didn’t see anything as beautiful as Provo Canyon.    There’s at least 10 or 11 waterfalls through there if you’re paying attention, including Bridal Veil Falls.    Its a gorgeous ride, and Heber City Has some of the best people you’d ever want to meet.

Top 10 Motorcycle Roads in Utah - Highway 189 Provo Canyon
Highway 189 from Provo to Heber.

#5:  Highway 14 – Cedar Mountain through Duck Creek village.  

A great 2 lane ride over Cedar mountain and through the pines.   Missus Zip and I had our Honeymoon in Duck Creek Village.   It’s a great ride.  A nice side road at the top is over to Panguitch Lake, Or Even to the 10,000 foot top to Brian Head.    Hard to beat 🙂

Top 10 Motorcycle Roads in Utah - Highway 14
Over the top of Cedar Mountain is a gorgeous ride.

#4:  Heber to Tabiona to Heber again:

You’ll go past Strawberry Reservoir and into Highway 35 and the mountains of Tabiona.    Stop in Hannah and get a bite to eat, and kick a foot up on your freeway pegs and enjoy the scenery of really small town Utah.    This is a great ride.

Top 10 Motorcycle Roads in Utah - Heber to Tabiona to Heber
Heber to Tabiona to Heber Again.  A great ride.  


#3:  Highway 9 through Zion National Park:

Zion is one of a kind, and a must see.   It’s a twisty road through some of the most beautiful scenery you’ll find on the planet.   Take 89 south through Kanab and Fredonia on the way home, over the edge of the Kaibab  Plateau and through Colorado City.

Top 10 Motorcycle Roads in Utah - Zion National Park


#2:   The Alpine Loop.

Head up Provo Canyon and turn off at Sundance Ski Resort.     This road is kinda funky — its a narrow 2 lane (almost 1 lane) that takes you over the top of the mountain.   You’ll have to be careful around the corners because there’s a lot of blind spots, but its drop dead beautiful and right in the middle of dense forest.

Top 10 Motorcycle Roads in Utah - The Alpine Loop
The Alpine Loop. Stop and hike Timpanogos Caves on the other side while you’re at it…


#1:   Utah Highway 12.

My favorite road in Utah.    You’ll go through Bryce Canyon, Tropic and Cannonville and Escalante.   The Town of Boulder is beautiful (great fishing there) and over the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument.    You’ll end up in Torrey after a great ride with a lot of terrain changes.    The road into boulder valley is awesome.    The whole road is good.  For fun, take the side road into Antimony.

Top 10 Motorcycle Roads in Utah - Highway 12 is the best
The Best Road in the state of Utah.




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  1. chris broadhurst

    great stuff, thanks for sharing. we’re leaving for a 9 day trip based in kanab. have rode around utah many times and it always amazes me. the last trip was 2017 on a 2000 road king, 88 5 sp. this trip will be our 2018 ultra, 104 milwaukee 8, 6sp 😊✌

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