Ever had a tiger by the Tail?

Buck Owens was a dust bowl kid, when the Okies moved across the nation, mostly west. Some went east, but most of them went west. They Settled in Arizona, Texas, and in this case, Bakersfield California. Buck was a staple in the Bakersfield sound. He solidified the sound, along with guys like Merle Haggard, and a lot of others.

They told stories.

Ever had a tiger by the tail?

1 thought on “Ever had a tiger by the Tail?”

  1. Back in the mid 60’s we had a hang out in town called Sam’s Place. The owner had a few Buck Owens tunes in the jukebox and the song “Sam’s Place” was on it. The Beatles, Gerry and the Pacemakers, Paul Revere and the Raiders, etc were all the rage and played loudly. I would play Sam’s Place every time I was in the place and always elicit a chorus of “turn that shit off” from the patrons. That would provide more incentive for me to put another nickel in the coin slot and play it again! Strange thing was the Beatles song “Act Naturally”
    was a Buck Owens cover that got a lot of play.

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