Cruising Pinal County

I had absolutely nothing to do today, and I knew I couldn’t just sit around. Mrs. Zip was wanting to put up Christmas decorations and get ready for thanksgiving and having guests at the house. Normally, if I’m needed I wake up with a list of things she wants me to get done, and when that didn’t happen I could tell I was clear to go find me a road on the bike somewhere.

I got 60 miles out of town and realized I’d forgotten my wallet, and had to double back home then back again. Normally, that’ll piss you off, but I was enjoying the ride so much I didn’t really care.

I found a new road while poking around. A pretty good one.

I’m digging some of these small towns in Pinal county. There’s still a lot of things to go explore.

Some rides are just an absolute pleasure. I’m gonna go do it again tomorrow I think.

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