well the summers gone, and I hope she’s feelin’ the same

Well, I’m a crazy man and I’m playin’ my crazy game.

First time I rode on a street bike, 24 years ago I listened to this on a cassette tape on a knockoff walkman. I remember leaving LA, wondering if I would like this thing and by barstow I knew I was kin with this riding thing. I still feel that way. Lots of things have came and went in my life, but the feeling of loving that riding has stuck.

Had a good ride this weekend.   My brother Pat met me at my house in Heber and not long after we headed out.

His engine light started flashing around duchesne.   My brothers wits are about him, and he knew not to shut the bike off till we hit a dealership in Vernal.     We did, and by then the bike wouldnt start.   voltage regulator…   not one in grand junction, not one in Vernal, but 150 miles in wyoming there was one.    A rental car, some good conversation and 90 in 55 later, we  pulled in with 5 minutes to spare, got the part and headed back to vernal to ride in the morning.

We woke up in a haze, got the part installed and headed to Meeker colorado to be there my noon.   paid respects to our grandparents, cruised around the town and got a feeling.   A good feeling.   our old man grew up here.   Was good to see it.    Honestly, I  want to know more.    I want stories.   Not many people around  left who can tell em to me.   maybe thats my new route 66, since im closer to meeker than flagstaff.   Meeker still has it’s soul, and not far from the soul My father probably knew.    At least closer than most towns you can visit these days 50 years after what you’re searching for.

We hit grand junction early.   by 5 PM, washed the bikes,  grabbed a bite and hung out in the motel.     It warmed up by 9 enough and we hit the road.

Pat had things on his mind.   I really didn’t.    He was feeling 90 and I was feeling 65.    he had to keep up with his racing thoughts, and i wanted to mozy.   I got it.  Certainly, I understand that.   We hit green river utah and he didn’t even really need to say it; we were both feeling it.    He raced ahead to get home, and I mozied ahead.   Stopping several green River several times to get a feel and meet the local crazy.    It went unsaid.   We both knew it was right.

I rode solo from there to Heber.     Was a good ride.   Actually, was perfect.    I got to ride with my brother, and got a little solo time which I always love.    Snows gonna fall soon.   Leaves are changing, and I might not get many more chances till spring.    All good.

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3 states, 628 miles, 3 days.

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